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The Anatomy of Designing Hero Images


    Designing Hero Images The first impression is important, and a great way to do so is with a good hero image that complements your value proposition. Hero images are one of the most popular trends in web design nowadays. Visitors feel pleased when they land on a website  
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Practical Guide: Picking The Right CMS For You

If you are on the verge of creating a website, knowing where exactly to start is usually overwhelming. When you first start building a website, one of the first questions you need to answer is what type of content management system (CMS) you will use. A large portion of websites  

5 Crucial Questions To Answer Before Starting A New Website

Building a new website can be a huge task, but you should think of it as a chance to sharpen your image and revaluate your business. To help you get started here is a list of the most important questions that you should answer and discuss with your web developer  

How to Get 10x Conversions with Top Design Trends of 2017

Trends in web design are always changing with new workflows, tools, and best practices, where some trends come and go very quickly. Because of this, it can sometimes be a challenge to keep up with the latest web design trends. We’re still working on responsive web design, performance & speed,  

DIY Business Website Design

business website design

Thinking of getting a website for your business? When it comes to building a business website there are generally two options: Hire a professional to custom design your business website Do it yourself (DIY) Let’s start with the DIY approach. Initially, this is going to be the most appealing option  
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5 Modern Web Design Elements Could Be Doing More Harm to your Site


New doesn’t always mean good; in this case, we’re talking about web design. This article discusses the elements of modern web design that could be driving potential customers away. With functional web design being a top ranking factor in search engines, it’s easy to get carried away with doing all  
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How to Ensure Your Website Redesign doesn’t Negatively Affect SEO


After months or years of investing in SEO, sooner or later your company is going to opt to update their existing website with a website redesign. This article is an in-depth look on how to go about it without negatively impacting your SEO efforts and throwing your spent internet marketing  
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Designing a Website to Increase Conversion Rates


When it comes to web design, the art of converting visitors has long been at odds with design. In this article we explore several ways to help reconcile these two important web design principles. Behind closed doors and on the floor at your typical web design and development company, there  
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How to write content for your website that people will read


Anyone can have a website, but not everyone can write copy that wins customers. First and foremost web copy is scanned. Or glanced at. Not read. In our fast paced, technology driven world we have very little spare time. Patience is not a virtue online and with one click your  
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How to Design a Website That Caters to Both SEO and User Experience

seo ux web design quikclicks sm

Harmonizing SEO And UX When Developing A Website Still Building Robotic Websites? Maybe You Should Pay More Attention To The User. Synopsis: A few key concerns regarding web design that merges SEO and user experience.   Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) has evolved constantly in just a short time since the industry has  
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Web Design Tips for creating a Successful Ecommerce Website

Web Design Tips for a Successful Ecommerce Website

There are many ecommerce software platforms to build a site on, but a good ecommerce site is all about making sure the customer finds what they are looking for as fast as possible and making the journey to check out short. Customers don’t want to deal with a poorly designed  
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Small Business SEO guide – Black Hat vs White Hat SEO

Black Hat vs White Hat SEO - Quikclicks website design

As a business owner, you obviously want to gain as much traffic into your store as possible. This can mean constantly seeking out new customers through traditional advertising such as ‘word of mouth’ or print advertising, but these tactics are becoming more and more outdated every day. The most efficient way  
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