Why have some of my Google Reviews disappeared?

For many small and medium-sized businesses, Google Business Profile reviews and their appearance on Google Maps play a pivotal role in boosting brand awareness and acquiring new clients. They offer a platform on the reviews section for customers to write reviews and share their positive experiences with your offerings, thereby influencing google searches of potential clients.

However, if a stellar Google review you once spotted, perhaps from the Google Maps app, goes missing later on, it can be quite alarming. No business owner wants to see their hard-earned customer feedback vanish amidst online reviews.

This article delves into some common reasons behind disappearing Google reviews to offer clarity, especially to those conducting a business online.

Google’s Anti-Spam Measures

A prevalent reason many entrepreneurs notice their Google Business Profile reviews missing is due to Google’s anti-spam algorithms. These algorithms are designed to scan Google listings and identify spammy content, including suspicious business reviews.

To discern whether a review for your company violated Google’s Review Content Guidelines, ponder the following questions. And if you’re looking to write a review or share a google review link with others, be sure to know these guidelines. You might also consult your SEO agency – specializing in search engine optimization – as many monitor Google reviews and are aware of any recent anti-spam updates from Google.

  1. Was a review link or phone number included in the Google review?

– Such inclusions are typically seen as promotional tactics, which Google identifies as spam. Hence, reviews containing them are likely to be removed promptly.

  1. Did the review embed your website’s URL?

– URLs in reviews are another red flag. Guiding your patrons against adding URLs and asking them to genuinely share their customer feedback is crucial.

  1. Is the review replicated on other platforms?

– Google might identify reviews as spam if identical feedback appears elsewhere online, viewing it as duplicated content.

  1. Was the review authored at your local business’ physical location?

– Businesses sometimes encourage patrons to leave Google reviews using in-store stations. Reviews from the same IP address might be flagged.

  1. Was the review written by a team member?

– Biased reviews can be perceived negatively. Genuine customers should be the ones to leave feedback.

  1. Did you witness a surge in more Google reviews?

– A sudden influx might activate Google’s spam detectors, especially if reviews sound too similar.

  1. Could the customer have chosen to delete review?

– Ensuring positive customer experiences can help ensure your reviews remain over time.

The Mystery of Hidden vs. Delayed Google Reviews

Spotting a 5-star review on the Google Maps app or your business profile, only to see it vanish can be puzzling. Google reviews might be hidden or deleted due to policy violations. Google emphasizes that reviews removed for such breaches won’t be reinstated.

Lost reviews might also occur after reinstating a suspended Google Business Profile. For this, Google assistance might be needed.


Trouble Spotting Your Review After Submission?

For patrons wanting to write reviews, feedback might not immediately appear on Google Maps. Such delays, according to Google, should rectify within days. If using the Google Maps app, ensure it’s updated.

Could a Google Update Bug be the Culprit?

Google acknowledges rare instances where reviews vanished after updates. However, other reasons, like contravening the google reviews matter policy, are more likely causes.

Beware of Prohibited Content

Google provides a list of forbidden content for reviews. Familiarizing oneself with this can prevent unintentional violations, ensuring more positive reviews.

Do Google Reviews Have an Expiry Date?

Google reviews, be they positive reviews or negative reviews, remain visible unless removed by either Google or the business owner.

Is Concealing Negative Google Reviews Possible?

While negative reviews can’t be concealed, addressing concerns and ensuring more positive reviews overshadow them is the best approach.

Can Deleted Google Reviews be Revived?

Once deleted, retrieval is impossible. The focus should be on garnering genuine, top-rated reviews.

Backup Your Google Reviews

Archiving reviews helps identify patterns and address issues, ensuring a steady growth of positive feedback, which is pivotal for your business’s success.