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Website Troubleshooting

Help, I think I have a Virus on my website!

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If you or others users of your website see a Virus or Malware warning when browsing your website, it’s possible your site has been infected with malicious code. These infections are a serious problem and can harm others viewing your website. If a Search Engine like Google discovers malware on  
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I can’t access my website. Is it offline?

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If your website doesn’t load in a web browser, the first step in trouble-shooting the issue is to determine whether your Internet connection is working correctly. If you are sure you can access other websites and are just have difficulties in getting yoor own website to load, the next step  
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Why does my website appear to be offline just for me?

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Quikclicks Web Hosting servers use the latest security technology to keep your website and information safe and running correctly. One feature of this technology is the ability of our Firewall to recognise and block people that appear to be trying to access your files in a forcible manner. This can  
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Why does my website say “Bandwidth Limit Exceeded”?

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If you can no longer access your website and instead see a message such as “Bandwidth Limit Exceeded”, then your Web Hosting account has likely exceeded its allocated Bandwidth Quota for the month. As a website becomes more popular and traffic to the website increases, it is necessary to consider  
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