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Quikclicks Web Design specialises in custom designed, mobile responsive, high ranking, lead generating, fast loading Google friendly websites. If you are a:

  • tradie like a plumber, electrician, builder, mechanic or hairdresser,
  • whether you have a catering or engineering business (or anything in between),
  • whether you are a professional like a lawyer, dentist or an accountant,

We can help your business make more money through one of our custom built websites.

We build custom websites every day that are proven time and time again to generate more leads & create more sales.

Website Packages For Australian Businesses

Sydney's Leading Website Design Agency since 2004

Packages we offer for website development and marketing will vary according to your needs. Some customers just want the website, and they do their own marketing. Others want the marketing and optimisation elements built into the website. Others still require a mixture of approaches. There is no one-size-fits-all because no two businesses models are exactly the same. We will work with you to develop your website’s online presence in whatever way you need, and we will do it at very competitive rates using the most friendly, and modern technologies available.

✓ Professional, branded business website. You’ll get an easy to use, beautifully designed website. You won’t have to worry about any of the technical parts (such as coding, server, hosting, design). We can take care of all that for you.

✓ Australian support team at your fingertips. Being in an Australian time zone means there is always someone to speak to during the working week. Everything from design to development, or server issues – we’re here for you. Give us a call.

✓ One stop shop for everything. If it’s to do with your website, we handle it! This includes hosting, domain names, servers, design, development and more. What this means is you won’t have to juggle dealing with multiple companies from all over the globe, it’s all here.

 ✓ A website that actually brings you new business. We can provide ongoing monthly search engine optimisation services, pay-per-click and social media campaigns. This means better rankings in Google’s search results, more visitors to your site, and more new business!

✓ A website that’s better than your competitors’. Not only will your new website be easy for you to use, but it will utilise some of the best features of contemporary website design. You will be able to react more quickly to changes in the market, add new products, or keep your customers updated.


This is the choice

A Quikclicks affordable website design

An affordable website has none of the problems of the old school ones:

Earns you better results for longer.

 Options for staggered or monthly repayments to make the purchase more affordable

 Thousands of plugins available for additional functionality

All elements and content properly optimised

 Easy to improve, update and expand

 Designed based on solid testing user experience, navigation and conversion rate optimisation

 Improvement cycles are cost effective and ever changing

 Award winning designs

Responsive design – automatically resizes for desktop and mobile

… or an out-of-date website design!

If you are looking at having a new website built for your business, what you DON’T want is:

✖ Significant upfront costs

✖ Slow launch and poorly optimised elements

✖ Proprietary systems tying you to a particular web company

✖ Designed without consideration to marketing

✖ High level of technical skill needed to update and improve

✖ No consideration of analytics and data

✖ The design starts going out of date soon after it’s launched

✖ Only works on desktop computers (not mobile responsive)

How we will design and launch a new website that will get you customers

The 3 phases of getting your new website finished, faster!

Step 1. Design

This phase covers the creation of the look and feel of your new website. What it looks like, and how it will shape up against your competitors.  During this part of the process we will create preview images for you of how your new website will look, and get your feedback on changes, additions and subtractions.

The parts of the Design phase include:

The Brief: We’ll work with you to answer questions such as how do you want your brand portrayed? Do you already have a logo, or do we need to design one with you? What is the purpose of your new website going to be? Do you need it to tender for projects? Will it be your main marketing platform? Would you like to sell products through it? How will people contact you through the website?

The Design: We’ll use the brief to create mockups for the homepage initially, and then for the other (inner) pages. Into these designs we will incorporate best practice technologies, a wide range of design techniques, and our long experience in creating highly effective, beautiful websites. From this, we listen to your feedback, and make sure you are getting what you need and want.

Sign Off: When you’re happy with the designs, we ask you to sign off on them. Once sign off has occurred this concludes the design phase.

Step 2. Develop

Programming: Now the designs are given to our developers. The developers do the programming for the website, based on the designs. They take the designs and use them to create they actual pages of the website. This normally takes a solid week or so (During this time you would expect to not hear from us).

Content Insertion: Once the development phase is complete, the website is uploaded to your hosting and content such as pages, text, images, products and blog posts are inserted or fine-tuned.

The Launch: Like a ship onto the high seas, your website becomes exposed to the world for all to see!

Step 3. Profit

Optimisation: After (and before) the website launch, if you have chosen the option, our marketing experts will also begin to optimise each page of your new website. This will increases the likelihood of being found through search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo.

Training and Support: Following the launch, we can provide face to face training to ensure that you are able to maintain the site yourself, phone support during Australian east coast business hours (no call centres!), and of course email support as well. The first month of support is always free, and support plans are available for longer terms.

Strategise: Both before and after your website is launched, we can help you market it. Depending on the industry you are working in, we can make different recommendations and provide online marketing services that can really make your business skyrocket. We have experts in getting your website to rank organically via Google (SEO), instant paid placements via Google (Adwords) and social media junkies to get you in front of your audience.

Questions we ask our website customers:

  • Do you have a logo? Is it in a vector based format?
  • Do you have any particular colours, styles, or design motifs etc you would like to use?
  • Do you have images we can use, or should we start with stock photos?

Additional questions we ask our SEO website customers:

  • Who are your ideal customers? Is there a specific type of audience you want to attract?
  • Do you want to dominate within a specific region in your city, or are you looking to expand locally, nationally, or globally?
  • Who and where are your target audience, and how will you reach them?
  • Who are your main competitors and what can you offer customers that they can’t?
  • What marketing channels are your competitors using, and how can we take your market share.

Focus more on your business

And let us focus on getting you more customers, enquiries and sales.

Why Choose Us?

Thousands of Clients | Hundreds of Different Industries

  • Over time we have worked with corporate large scale companies to smaller local type businesses to even start ups
  • Our experiences has led us to work with businesses all over Australia, from SydneyMelbourneBrisbaneAdelaidePerth, up in Darwin, or down in Tasmania
  • Have a look at our web design portfolio and see for yourself the diverse range of different industries we have served!

Certified Google Premier Partner

  • Google Partners are agencies, marketing professionals, and online experts who have been certified by Google to manage AdWords accounts. Companies who qualify for Partner status earn the Google Partner or Premier Google Partner badge. The badge shows that a company has demonstrated AdWords skill and expertise, met AdWords spend requirements, delivered agency and client revenue growth, and sustained and grown their client base. That’s us.

15+ Years Industry Experience

  • We’ve ridden the wave of all the different technologies that have evolved over time. We know what works best and we pass on this experience to you.

Premium Local Support

  • Real human support from Australia. NO international operators from outside Australia. Just friendly local professionals ready to assist you.
  • Personalised Service. We’ll get to know you and your business, and you’ll know us.

Affordable & Cheap Websites

We have different packages tailored to suit your business needs no matter your industry and business size. We have 100% satisfaction guarantee with on-going support. We’re with you while your business grows!

No Lock in Contracts

If you’re not 100% satisfied with any of our services you can cancel our ongoing services at any time, but we’re so confident you will value our services that you will stay!

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