What is WooCommerce?

WooCommerce, in short, is the Ecommerce platform that runs nearly 30% of all Ecommerce websites in the world. 

Initially developed as an Ecommerce plugin for WordPress by third-party developers, it’s overwhelming popularity above all other plugins saw it recently acquired by Automattic, the parent company that owns WordPress. With WordPress making up nearly ¼ of all websites on the internet and WooCommerce now the official WordPress Ecommerce plugin, chances are many of the online stores you’ve bought from in the past were running on WooCommerce. Without realising it, you’ve probably already seen how quick and easy to use websites developed on WooCommerce are. Building your business website in WooCommerce will also give your customers a range of benefits, facilitating fast and easy checkouts and ensuring long-term, return customers to your site.

With many other Ecommerce platforms, you may find that there is a break in the flow of your site as the customer is redirected elsewhere or the shopping cart isn’t customisable to maintain the look and feel of your brand. WooCommerce, on the other hand, is fully customisable by Website Designers, leaving your customer with the same impression of your site from beginning to end.

This cohesive design gives your site, from login to checkout, a professional look and feel, enticing customers and ensuring them that they are dealing with a business that takes themselves, and their customers, seriously.

From a cost point of view, you couldnt wish for more from an Ecommerce platform – WooCommerce is free to use in your Business website and unlike many other Ecommerce website systems, it has no licence fee or ongoing fees to use it.

What features does WooCommerce come with?

Using WooCommerce in web development is a must for any business because of how optimal it is across all devices and browsers. Whether your customer is running off of smartphones, tablets, or desktops, they will have a fully functional and simple process from the start to the time they check out.

On the customer end, WooCommerce can recommend products, exposing your customer to items they may not have known about and creating an environment that is conducive to further purchases.

WooCommerce is also optimised for flexible items and categories, so your customers don’t need to search high and low for the things they want.

It also allows for coupons and discounts, allowing your business to entice your customer with exclusive promotions and endless deals, creating a huge amount of return business.

On the business end, you’ll find that you’re able to access information about trends, sales numbers, and KPI using WooCommerce’s built in analytics.

Inventory management also won’t be a problem when you utilize WooCommerce in your development. You’ll be able to keep easy tabs on inventory and supply, creating an environment where you can order or create more items when they’re called for.

WooCommerce is completely Search Engine Friendly and works with a huge range of SEO plugins to help you improve your overall Search Engine rankings, putting you closer to the top of the coveted first page of Google. This means more traffic, more sales, and more recommendations from pleased customers.

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Is WooCommerce secure?

In the world of Ecommerce, you’ll want to know your site is absolutely secure for you and your customers. Keeping sensitive information on hand means heightened security and that should never be skimped on. After all, one breach of security may cause your entire customer base to jump ship and leave you in the dust.

WooCommerce is kept secure because it is updated regularly along with WordPress, one of the most secure platforms around.

Additionally, choosing a trusted Web Hosting company will also ensure the latest technology is in place to prevent unwanted intruders to your website. You can further protect your customer data using an SSL Security Certificate, which encrypts credit card transactions and displays the secure ‘padlock’ icon in a customers web browser, advertising the secure nature of your website and giving your customers peace of mind as they complete their transactions.

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