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I can’t access my website. Is it offline?

If your website doesn’t load in a web browser, the first step in trouble-shooting the issue is to determine whether your Internet connection is working correctly. If you are sure you can access other websites and are just have difficulties in getting yoor own website to load, the next step is to see if this is just effecting you or whether others can not acces your site either.

You can check this by going to the website www.downforeveryoneorjustme.com and entering you website address. This will establish whether your website is down for everyone (completely offline), or if it is just down for you (a local problem just on your computer).

If your website is down for just you please see our article “Why does my website appear to be offline just for me?

If your website is down for everyone, then you will need to contact Quikclicks by calling 02 8396 4300 or sumbit a support ticket (either by logging into “my account” or emailing support@quikclicks.com.au) to alert us to the incident, so one of our technicians can look into the matter further.

Note: When submitting a support ticket, please explain what the problem is and the steps you have taken so far. The type of browser you are using is also often useful to make note of. The more details we have, the faster we can diagnose the problem and get your services back online.

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