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How often should I backup my website files and database?

Websites are hosted on a server which is essentially just like a Personal Computer only more powerful. Even though servers have a lot of built-in redundancy, as with any computer, it is vital to save regular backups in the event of unexpected issues or malicious activity to protect yourself from possible data loss.

If your website is built on a Content Management System (CMS) framework (for example: WordPress), or is an Ecommerce website, then the majority of changes you make to the site content or any ecommerce orders that are processed will be stored in the website database. Accordingly, downloading a full backup of the website files on a fortnightly or monthly basis is usually sufficient. As the main website content is saved in the database however, it is usually recommended to download a backup of the database on a daily basis (or even several times per day for websites with a lot of ecommerce transactions occurring each day).

If your website is only a static HTML website (for example, a small ‘online brochure’ website which only consists of a few pages) and does not get updated often, then a monthly or quarterly backup of the website files is usually sufficient. These types of websites do not use a database, so you will not need to backup anything other than the website files.

The other main time it is recommended to perform a full backup is just before and just after a significant or large amount of changes are being performed to the website. If you are upgrading a plugin for example or upgrading your CMS software to a new version, it is vital you take a full backup before attempting the upgrade, in case the upgrade process fails and partially overwrites your files – leaving the site non-functional.

Are there any services that can automatically backup my website files and database for me?

There are several online services that can be ordered to perform regular backups of your website files and database. These services can usually be configured to run several times per day if required, ensuring there is always a backup available that’s only a few hours old at most in the event of any disaster. Most online backup solutions will also securely upload your backups to ‘the Cloud’ (online storage), meaning you dont need to worry about saving the backups on your personal computer and also ensuring the backups are not accidentally deleted.

If you need help in sourcing a reliable online backup solution, please contact us at support@quikclicks.com.au and we can recommend one based on your specific requirements.

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