If you are looking for website design in Perth, Quikclicks has been servicing the city from St. George’s Terrace, south to Singleton, north to Joondalup, and east to Midland since 2004. We have built hundreds of websites for local businesses and provided web services, SEO, graphic design, email marketing, and domain hosting for businesses just like yours.

We would love to talk with you about the various ways we could improve the look, feel and functionality of your existing website, or how your business could benefit from a new Quikclicks website. Send us through your web-brief or give us a call to discuss what kind of web solution best suits your needs… No obligations, No hard sell!

Website Design Perth


Aside from website design and graphic design, Quikclicks offers a full raft of web services including website and email hosting, online marketing campaigns such as adwords or PPC (Quikclicks is an official Google Partner), as well as domain name registration. We are a one-stop shop for all your website needs! Also, because we’re a local business, if you call us up you won’t get a call centre!

Additionally, unlike many web design companies in Perth, Quikclicks uses ‘open-source’ solutions like WordPress so that when a site is complete you own it. You can host it wherever you like – you can even move it around. You will be able to upload new articles, stories, blogs, photos, videos and more without having to rely on specialised or costly technical expertise.

Web Design

We focus on custom-designed, business websites with modern, clean designs. We provide easy to use content management solutions (CMS) like WordPress with all our sites, and have in-house experts for our Ecommerce stores. We also provide detailed training and support for all of our services.

Graphic Design

If you’re starting a new business or want to update an existing business image, we can provide for all your needs. Quikclicks provides a range of graphic design services such as logo design, stationary design and store signage. We have fixed-rate packages so you’ll be able to stay within budget and still get the results you’re after.

Online Marketing

A website is only as great as a customer’s ability to find it! Being an official Google Premier Partner means Quikclicks is up-to-date with the latest developments in SEO, PPC, adwords, social media and all types of online marketing forms. Our Marketing campaigns are ROI-focused (Return on Investment) meaning they are practical, effective and efficient.

Domains & Hosting

Having a website is great, but it needs to go somewhere for people to see it! All the associated requirements of having a website such as domain registration, web hosting and email are also services we provide. Take the complexity and headache out of having multiple service providers blaming each other and refusing to take responsibility: we’re your one stop shop!

Online Shopping

With consumer spending habits moving towards online shopping, businesses are increasingly being forced to rethink their marketing strategies to cater for this new need. To illustrate this, it’s recently been said that people are now staying home to shop and going out to eat, whereas once upon a time it was the reverse. Before the digital era we were more likely to stay home to eat, and to go out to shop.

Is your business able to adapt to this new way?


Quikclicks’ clients’ benefit from years of experience in website development and search engine optimisation (SEO). Being an official Google Partner, our expertise in developing search engine friendly websites and managing cost-effective online marketing campaigns have exponentially increased sales for scores of clients over the years.

Google Partner

How does business compete in the Digital Age?

In order to make sales, it’s becoming increasingly important for Perth’s business websites to appear on the first page of Google search results. This is especially true for companies with a national focus if they need to compete with east coast businesses. If a website is not suitably equipped to achieve this, then business success can – and will – become more and more difficult.

Optimising a website to achieve better search engine ranking can be a difficult concept to understand. In a traditional ‘brick and mortar’ shopfront, the equivalent of  having poor SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) would be to have a shop where customers must walk past a number of appealing competitors before they get to you. In other words, the competitors take all your sales before a customer can even reach you.

This is where companies like Quikclicks come in. In order for Perth’s businesses to compete effectively in the online market space, business owners are fine-tuning their sites for their own distinct markets. To be able to achieve this effectively, specialist knowledge is required.

Why Choose Us?

Quikclicks prides itself on its customer focus, first class expertise, and high attention to detail.

These things add up to create products that are on the cutting edge of website and SEO design.

Fixed-rate packages

Increasingly, websites are essential cornerstones for all businesses. As such, fixed rate packages can remove uncertainty for both fledgling, and established Perth businesses

Search engine optimisation (SEO)

If you want your website to be found in search results on the internet, SEO is what you will need

Open-source solutions

You own the site. You can take it with you. Around the world, open source technologies are in constant states of improvement. You are not locked in to having to work with particular providers.

Ecommerce web design

A distinct arm of web design used by hundreds of successful Perth businesses to sell products online, direct from the website

Pay-per-click campaigns (PPC)

As a Google Premier partner, Quikclicks has extensive experience and expertise in creating small and large scale PPC campaigns personalized for your particular market

Graphic design services

Our graphic design services can create anything you require for your business including logos, infographics, business cards, marketing paraphernalia and of course websites.

About Perth

Perth was founded in 1829 by Captain James Stirling after the city of the same name in Scotland. Perth achieved city status in 1856, and since then has had a number of specific growth spurts. The first was due to the gold rush of the late 19th Century, the second occurred after WWII as significant numbers of immigrants arrived from countries including Britain, Greece, Italy and Yugoslavia, and more recently in the late 20th century as a result of the West Australian mining boom.

Today, Perth is Australia’s fourth largest city and the Greater Perth area has nearly 2 million inhabitants. The city is known for its annual cultural events including the Perth International Arts Festival, which is Australia’s longest running cultural festival, having started in 1953. There is also a vibrant music scene and Perth-originated pop and alternative bands read like a who’s-who of contemporary Australian rock including the Eurogliders, Eskimo Joe, Jebediah, John Butler Trio and many others.

The city was nicknamed ‘The City of Light’ when residents lit up the city in an effort for it to be seen by American astronaut John Glenn from both the Friendship 7 in 1962, and again from the space shuttle in 1998.

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