SSL Certificates


SSl Certificates protect sensitive user data entered into websites.  They can also be used to verify a website is genuine and not a counterfeit clone designed to “scam” users.

An SSL is installed on your Web Hosting account and creates a secure connection between your website and it’s users. To install an SSL on a website server, a range of verification steps are used to ensure rightful ownership and representation. A secure website, running an SSL can generally be identified by a website address that begins with HTTPS:// instead of HTTP://. Viewing the details of an SSL can confirm identity and ownership of a website to a particular organisation.

Once an SSL is installed, it allows for the safe transmission of encrypted data. This is essential for Ecommerce websites that capture a customer’s Credit Card details to facilitate a transaction. To prevent sensitive data being compromised by hackers or malicious software, SSL certificates are also becoming increasingly popular on non-Ecommerce websites.

Order an SSL at Wholesale rates

Quikclicks has access to wholesale rates for SSL security certificates from a variety of SSL providers, suitable for both Ecommerce or Non-Ecommerce websites. We also take care of all installation and other requirements and can even reconfigure your website to run in HTTPS once the SSL is installed and operational.

We have access to wholesale rates for a great range of brand name SSL certificates, but typically recommend Comodo (Sectigo) SSL certificates as a great value option for most websites – perfect for protecting against potential loss of Search Engine Rankings with recent Google updates. We also provide a range of higher-end SSL certificates for High Assurance, Premium, “Green Bar” identity, Multi-domain and other use. The main difference between SSL certificates is the level of Encryption they provide and Warranty they will pay should data be compromised.

Some of the more common SSL products can be ordered using the links below. Please contact our support team if you require a specific SSL product not listed.

Before placing your order it is recommended to determine if your Web Hosting provider has any specific server requirements, if you require a Static/Dedicated IP address or have more than one Domain Name directing to your website. Please contact support[@] if you require assistance.

Other costs

Installation of an SSL certificate is in most cases still a manual process with multiple steps and manual validation. As such, Quikclicks charges a fee to install, test and verify a new SSL Certificate. Renewing an SSL after expiry requires the same installation process as a new certificate is re-issued.

The online order links below for SSL Certificates also include the installation charges.

Order your SSL Certificate online

comodo positive ssl

Comodo Positive SSL:

Order Now1YR Certificate: $39 +GST (RRP $49)
CSR generation, validation and Server-side Installation: $264 +GST
Total price: $303 +GST

comodo positive multi domain ssl

Comodo Positive Multi-Domain SSL:

Order Now1YR Certificate: $129 +GST (RRP $149)
CSR generation, validation and Server-side Installation: $264 +GST
Total price: $393 +GST

Additional information

If you have any questions or want to discuss further, please feel free to contact us.