What is the difference between a Sub Domain, Parked Domain and an Addon Domain?

It sounds confusing at first, but after a quick read of this page you’ll become an expert!

Sub Domains

Sub Domains are useful as a method of separating domains into smaller areas so that several websites can be installed. If for example, you had a main website running at: mywebsite.com, you could install your forum on a Sub Domain so users of the forum could access it. Eg: forum.mywebsite.com.

Parked Domains

Parked Domains are useful if you own several domains that you would like to point to one website. Eg: Incase someone visiting this website incorrectly spells the domain quikclicks.com.au, we have also setup the domain quickclicks.com.au as a parked domain to automatically take people to the same website.

Addon Domains

Addon Domains allow you to host two completely independent websites with their own email accounts on the same hosting account.


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