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My Mailbox is full. How do I clear up space for it?

If your Mailbox is full, other people will not be able to send you Emails until there is free space available on the server. To free up some space on the server, you need to log into the Webmail account for that Email address and delete older messages.

1. To log into your default webmail account goto the following address (URL) in your Web Browser:

(where ‘your-domain.com’ is replaced with your actual Domain Name).

2. You will then be prompted for your Email account username and password. Enter your information as follows:

User Name: Your full Email address
Password: Your Email account password supplied to you by Quikclicks for this Email account

3. Click enter.

You should now be logged into your Webmail account.

4. Click on “Horde” to view your Webmail inbox.

5. Delete any older message you no longer need a copy of and remember to “Purge deleted” to remove them completely from the server and free up space in your account.

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