Once upon a time…

all a Dentist needed was a tidy, clean clinic in a good location and happy support staff.

But the golden days of that era are quickly coming to a close. Mobile technology has changed the rules forever.

Since the advent of the internet, and especially since the introduction of smartphones, the way small businesses market themselves have gone – and are still going – through a revolution.

Some estimates state that since 2016 over 80% of the Australian population has had a smartphone. This means that over 20 million people are starting to turn to their phones for everything from news, weather, music, friends – but especially – services.

If not now, then definitely in the near future, to be one of those services that people turn to depends directly on where you rank on the first page of Google’s search results.

It’s not enough to have a great website

(though this is a great start!)

Whenever someone clicks through to a website from a search, it is the first three positions of the search that take the lion’s share of all customers. If there are 4 dentists in your area and you are number 4, you are probably getting less than 10% of the queries that the clinic in first place is getting.

How do you improve your position?

Answer: Search engine optimisation (SEO).

SEO is not simply a marketing strategy. It is the building of an asset. It is an investment in your business and website over a longer period of time.

Optimising your website is like maintaining teeth. It is the process of aligning your website with the needs of the online search engines. Search engines like Google look for certain things in the millions of websites they trawl through.

Good quality SEO polishes, corrects, optimises, and cleans your website so that – just like the teeth of patients – it shines more brightly, works more efficiently, and provides you with longer lasting results.

Dentists SEO

That’s right:

SEO is to a website what good quality dental care is to teeth.

It’s understanding this simple idea which is key to the success of increasing numbers of industries in the last decade, and dentistry is no exception.

The digital era has created great possibilities for business. For example, for the first time, Dental practitioners have begun to amalgamating into larger companies, and this is making the space more competitive for smaller players. The advantage of  larger practices and companies is they can have more marketing resources.

However, SEO is available to all businesses, both big and small. No matter who you are, optimising your online presence can make – and keep – you visible to your customers.

Think you can’t compete? Think again. The trick is to start now.

The time to invest in SEO is now

The longer you put it off, the further ahead your competitors can get. SEO is like a long running race. If you start lagging behind, it can get harder and harder to catch up. On the other hand, with a well executed SEO campaign you can compete directly against much bigger players.

The alternative – NOT doing something about your online presence – is a cost you need to weigh up. Consider however, that as more and more people turn to their phones to find services in their local areas, keeping on top of the competition’s search result rankings will become more and more important. it can only take a single new practitioner in a neighbouring suburb who has a more effective SEO plan than you, to see your practice slowly wither.

It is never too late to do something about it, however.

On the other side of the coin, if you are looking at opening a new clinic, you really need to be aware of what your competitors are doing online. Do they have an optimised website, or do they have an old site that is not mobile-responsive? If you can get above them in search results and stay there, over time you will divert their customers to you.

Quikclicks are one of Sydney’s most experienced website and SEO companies. We have built hundreds of websites across all industries including dentistry, health, and clinic-based businesses with state-of-the-art SEO campaigns that have taken the website owners to the top of their profession.

Unlike interstate or international services, we provide personalised service. We are available when you need us most. We can come to you to discuss options, and to provide training. Call us today!

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