What is Conversion Optimisation?

Conversion Optimisation is the process of tailoring the content of your webpage and the positioning of that content on the page to convert the highest percentage of visitors to a website into leads or sales.

When designing your Home page, we ideally look to highlight the points of difference between your business and it’s competitors. Your webpage should make it easy to see why potential customers should choose you and encourage them to convert without delay.

Some key Points of difference that can help to convert visitors into leads/clients include:

  • Commendations and awards
  • Affordable pricing
  • Industry experience
  • Testimonials and Reviews
  • Extended business hours

On-page Positioning

When designing your Home page, it is important to consider where each element goes. Key points of difference that encourage a visitor to enquire should be placed highest on a page design. Elements that make enquiry easy, like “quick-contact” forms, should be embedded high on a page, ensuring visitors don’t need to scroll down to find them. Elements that do not assist in conversion (like considerably large image banners) should be minimised, as they unnecessarily push more important content further down the page and reduce the likelihood of conversion.

Example of Conversion Optimised Design

To view an example of a homepage design before/after conversation optimisation, please click on the 2 links below:

Before Conversion Optimisation

Before Conversion Optimisation

After Conversion Optimisation

After Conversion Optimisation

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