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The Benefits of E-newsletters

There are many websites that require you to sign up for a newsletter before getting anything from the website. There are others which give you incentives for signing up for their newsletter. You may have wondered if sending out newsletters is something that your business should consider.

Indeed there are many advantages to using e-newsletters as part of your online marketing efforts.

Advantages of e newsletters:

  • The first advantage has to do with the complementary nature of newsletters. In this age when websites have to be optimized so as to achieve higher search rankings, a newsletter is able to provide additional information, over and above to what can be included on the site. You could for example, include details on a product or service that you cannot on the website. This is the case where a product or service is being offered for a short time only.
  • They also create a link with the customer. When it comes to marketing “out of sight, out of mind” holds true for a lot of customers. A weekly or even a monthly newsletter on the inboxes of your customers will serve you well to remind customers of your products, offers as well as other sales promotions.
  • Thirdly, newsletters help increase traffic to your website. Email Marketing encourages the customers to visit your website to see the latest news, product reviews, etc. This becomes especially important if you seek to increase the number of conversions on your website. The repeated exposure to your brand would lead to higher conversion rates as a result of the trust built over time.
  • Newsletters can do much more to create value. An example in the health and nutrition niche is the providing of content on health tips, cooking recipes and other information of general value that would lead to higher inbound traffic for your products and services. Another apt example of this would be a travel website that sends out regular newsletters on destinations which could lead to higher ticket sales.
  • Newsletters also enable your company to develop authority on the web, especially if you use them to showcase your expertise in your field. On Google and other search engines, authority is closely identified with influence, trust and the reach of your website across the web. High quality newsletters can help you in developing authority on the web, if you use them this way and make them easily shareable on the web via social media.
  • Through newsletters you can provide customers with the information they are interested in and get feedback on the same. This is crucial information that can help you hone your future online marketing campaigns.


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