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Years ago, WordPress was a simple piece of software that could be used for simple DIY websites, but was mostly used by bloggers.

15 years of ongoing development and refinement has expanded WordPress to what is now one of the biggest website development platforms on the internet, being used by nearly ¼ of all of the sites on the internet. That means WordPress website design has been implemented for over 60 million websites and almost 100,000 new sites per day.

It’s very likely that you’ve already come into contact with a WordPress-developed site while simply perusing the internet.

Why should I use WordPress?

WordPress is the platform that almost all businesses use, and for good reason.

WordPress development is quicker and easier than ever because of its open source nature. This means it’s completely customisable and ready for anything that your business requires.

The WordPress website builder is a familiar tool for almost any website designer and can be moulded to fit the needs of any individual or business. Whether you’re in the business of content, goods, or services, you’ll find a way that WordPress can work for you.

With WordPress’ developer options, you’ll find that your designer can fit a myriad of plugins and add-ons that will make your site your own. With WordPress, you won’t have to spend all of your hard-earned cash on a web development team’s hourly rates when, for a good developer, adding a plugin or site functionality can be an easy and hassle-free task.

Also, with WordPress’ web design functionality, you’ll find that you can update the site and test it on the backend rather than adding updates on the site while it’s live, saving you and your web design team time and money. This also allows you to focus more on generating content and coming up with design ideas rather than working through any bugs or kinks.

What does “open source” mean?

“Open source” simply means that what’s known as the “source code” (the programming code the platform is built from) is made available to third-parties. This gives any developers access to  view the code, allowing them to create a range of plugins that can connect to other systems and extend functionality. With a WordPress site, end users are able to install plugins that are either made by a web development specialist or are created by the community, allowing easy additions to your website from simple Photo Galleries through to Ecommerce online stores.

This community involvement creates an environment where software is continuously updated and new, and interesting innovations are constantly being developed. What’s more is that these plugins are easy to install with low cost coding and no interruption to your site’s functionality.

Since WordPress is so widely used, you’ll find that there is a plethora of resources and creative ways to really make your site stand out amongst your competitors’ sites, generating much more traffic and allowing you to focus on creating engaging, fascinating, and remarkable content for your site’s visitors.

Can WordPress handle Wcommerce?

WordPress handles ecommerce beautifully.

There are plenty of WordPress plugins that can handle transactions simply and easily.

One of the most highly recommended WordPress plugins for ecommerce is called WooCommerce. This fantastic plugin integrates seamlessly with WordPress, is easy to install, and free.

The WooCommerce plugin is owned by the same company that owns WordPress, meaning that the two are built and updated with the other in mind. The fact that it integrates so well with WordPress means that it used on a significant number of websites; nearly 30% of all ecommerce websites.

WooCommerce doesn’t come as a one size fits all plugin, either. It is just as customizable as WordPress, allowing your brand and message to flow throughout the customer’s buying experience, from beginning to end.

It’s also optimized for speedy checkouts so that customers don’t become frustrated and abandon their cart right before checkout.

All in all, WordPress is designed for every facet of a website in mind, including the world of ecommerce. Whether you’re selling content, goods, or services, you’ll want to have a WordPress site developed for you.

How secure is it?

The short answer? WordPress sites are as secure as you make them.

Now for the long answer:

WordPress sites can be very secure. Again, WordPress runs about one-quarter of the internet and, all in all, it’s doing a great job.

Where individuals and businesses run into trouble is when they are not maintaining and updating their site on a regular basis, leaving their site open to hackers, malware, and viruses.

Additionally, it’s important to have some outside help by receiving an SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) Certificate or working over a VPN (Virtual Private Network). These all are additional considerations when making a website, but they’re absolutely imperative, especially when you have a customer or client’s personal information on hand or are making transactions through your website.

So, yes, WordPress sites are inherently safe, but no site is completely safe without the added features that an SSL Certificate and VPN provide.

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