Lightsource Online

Lightsource Online Sellers commenced operation in 2009 and stocks a wide varierty of products from Australian Made wool socks to christian books

Lightsource Online Sellers has been trading as an ebay store seller since 2010 and now it’s time to expand this business. Lightsource Online Sellers operates as a Australian owned and operated online business trading as a sole trader since starting operation in 2009. I have a massive stock available at a resonable price not in the business of high mark up or ripping off customers.

I am committed to bring you the customer the best customer service you expect from a experienced retailer and as well the best price possible to you which will be genuine savings off all items on this site.

I will negotiate with suppliers, publishers and distribitors a price that will be passed on to you if a reduction in price is agreed upon by my suppliers, publishers and distribitors. I am committed to stocking products made in Australia as well as overseas made products as well.

Lightsource Online Sellers is a christian based business you can always trust and complete satisfaction is what i strive for.