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Ideas Group

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Type: CMS Updateable Websites

Industry: Buisness Researchers

About the Client:

Whether you are looking for consumer insight, NPD ideas, feedback on shoppers, packaging or just a new brand positioning, Ideas Group can inspire your team with proven, traditional research approaches and a mix of new research ideas and techniques that bring a fresh perspective to your brand.

Look to Focus Groups and Depth Interviews to gather consumer data in traditional ways. We use proven analysis techniques to get the most out of these consumer techniques.

Look to trends mapping, online research, blogging, feedback via social networking, customer journey maps for new and innovative approaches to research. Ideas Group also specialises in using research to identify how emerging social trends are impacting on your category.

Service Provided:

  • CMS Updatable Web Design
  • Custom Website Design
  • Blog Modual
  • Custom Animation

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