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Helping Hounds

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Type: CMS Editable Website

Industry: Dog Training

About the Client:

Helping Hounds provide a professional and fully accredited dog training service to Sydney’s Inner West.

Agility is a dog sport where dogs run an obstacle course of low jumps, tunnels and contact objects lead by their partner YOU.

Helping Hounds offers professional training in:

  • Introduction to Agility
  • Ongoing Agility drop in classes
  • Coming soon – Rally Obedience and Pet Dog Scent Detection

Helping Hounds Trainers use positive reinforcement methods recommend by the Australian Veterinary Association and Veterinary Behavourists. Our methods are an effective and humane way to train your dog.

Service Provided:

  • CMS Updateable Website
  • Custom Website Design
  • Custom Contact Form
  • Animated Banner

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