Dentistry Illawarra

Relocated in 1964 to its current premises, we are one of the oldest and most trusted Dentists in Wollongong today. Striving to go above and beyond essential dental care, our highly trained staff of good dentists, dental assistants, and friendly administration maintain a high standard of care and customer service for our patients.

We guarantee that when you come in you will be very comfortable and feel at ease. We are located in the heart of Wollongong on Crown Street, and are easily accessible for patients with disabilities.

The expertise of our team, allow us to see patients with our highly trained Emergency Dentists for those difficult and unexpected occasions when treatment cannot wait. The current and modern location together with state of the art equipment, let us provide a broad range of services including cosmetic dentistry, preventative dentistry and family dental services. We have an agreement with the Australian Government to be recognised for the Child Dental Benefit Scheme and we are now one of Wollongong’s leading Medicare Dentists, placing your child’s dental health first.