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Annmarie Cannone

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Type: CMS Updateable Website

Industry: Naturopath

About the Client:

Optimal health is truly achievable and attainable. Throughout our lives we are confronted with obstacles which hinder our health. It is through education and providing you with the knowledge and awareness to remove and overcome these obstacles that true health is attained.

I am a firm believer and passionate about patient education and empowerment to assist patients at every step of the way and with this guidance and treatment ensure they make conscious decisions with their health.

During treatment, attention to traditional knowledge combined with scientific knowledge is drawn on, to provide the best available healthcare.

Naturopathy is an amazing form of complementary medicine, using clinical nutrition and Western Herbal Medicine.

The human body is an amazing piece of work and a complex puzzle. It is through thorough case taking of your health history, past and present, that allow pieces of the puzzle to come together. Attention is made to the finer details of ill health, with the causes being identified and eliminated where possible.

Service Provided:

  • CMS Updateable Website
  • Custom Website Design
  • Custom Responsive Website Development
  • Custom Contact Form

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