LinkedIn is the premier social media platform for business professionals who are looking to learn and network.

It’s no wonder then, that over 700 million people have joined in on this great opportunity! And now with sophisticated ads like these available-you can deliver an incredible ROAS by targeting firm industry or size of company (among other things). Here’s some must know data about how advertising via LinkedIn works…

60% of Linkedin members are between 25 and 35 years old. Ads on LinkedIn can increase purchase intent by as much 30%. 4 out 5 people who use the platform drive important business decisions – so if you’re not yet connected via this site to your ideal clients or prospects then now might be a good time for building that connection!

Optimised ad campaigns

We know that running an effective LinkedIn campaign is not always easy. But we also understand how important it can be to get started quickly and efficiently, so our free call makes getting your account off the ground as simple as possible!

Matching goals with data-driven strategies has been one of the most valuable skillsets in marketing today–and this includes Digital Marketing too; which means you’re guaranteed results without any risky A/B testing or guesswork involved.