If you are a contractor in the construction industry, you need a website.

These days, a good website is basically as much a prerequisite to getting work as having your own tools.

To get jobs and projects knocking on your door, you will need to show the scope and scale of your service. You will need to display your qualifications, experience, specialities and licences in one convenient location that can be seen by prospective employers. You need to be seen as a professional: all professionals have a well designed and built website.

Quikclicks can help you design, build and launch a new website that is both functional and appealing. Our websites use best practice technologies and tools. They are 100% mobile friendly, and are easy to maintain.

Professionalism -> Jobs

Having the website can be only the first part of the equation. To learn more about marketing your website so that it will appear in search engine results (ie Google), please click here.

Custom designed websites – Every site is unique. We design according to your needs.

Project managed – your website design, coding, hosting and completion will be handled end to end by a dedicated account manager

Flexible payment arrangements – pay in set installments as your new website progresses, or by month. Whatever works best for you!

Fully responsive – all our website are built to fit any sized device

Full ownership – your website is your property. Do with it as you wish

Online marketing – SEO, PPC, Adwords, FB, LinkedIn, Amazon – all the acronyms and abbreviations are available!

One stop shop – We do it all: design, coding, update, market, host. Make your life easy!

Contact us now – Call 1300 132 274 or click here to send a message.

Real experience

Quikclicks have been building websites for the construction and engineering industry for over 15 years. Our portfolio is beyond compare. Some website companies claim they have built thousands of websites but only have half a dozen in their portfolio. What happened to the other 994?

Our portfolio contains literally hundreds of websites. As online technologies have evolved, so have we. Scroll to the bottom of this page to find links for the most recent 50+ websites we have built just for the construction and engineering industries alone.

We construct websites for construction companies; we build for builders

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