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Key elements of Web Site Design that are fundamental to a website’s success

There’s much more to great Web Design than meets the eye. Sure, a website needs to be eye-catching and aesthetically pleasing to attract your visitors’ attention. But what are the other key elements of Web site Design that are fundamental to a website’s success?

For your website to even get a chance at grabbing attention, it needs to load quickly. It must also be easy to navigate, based on a logical site plan and supported by page names and headings that enable the visitor to easily find the information they’re after. No less important, your Website Design needs to be consistent with your company image and reflect the calibre of your operations.


On a more technical level, the method used to create your website needs to be up-to-scratch to ensure it is coded in a method that can be displayed on a variety of computers and Web Browsers that different users around the world use to access it. Also an important point to be taken into account, is Web Design that is created in a way that is easy for Search Engines such as Google, to find and index it. There’s little point in having a website that doesn’t load correctly on your prosepective client’s computer or can never be found in a web search!


Combine all of these key ingredients and you have a website that’s sure to impress your visitors – and win you more sales. Boasting a portfolio of several hundred successful websites, Quikclicks is Sydney’s leading Web Design Company. For a website that wows, contact us today.


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